Tooltips for Gravity Forms

Do you want to show extra information about a certain field in your Gravity Forms?

Usually, field descriptors are present alongside the field to make the process simpler. We have thought of this. If you’ve ever built a form using the Gravity Forms plugin, you’ll notice descriptors for every field and field property is pretty vital.

With BeautyGravity, add Tooltips for gravity forms fields. It also gives you the access to use Tooltip for radio button and checkbox items too. Other exclusive features of Beauty gravity are adding Tooltip on button, text field, input, select, file upload, etc; shown bellow

On the other hands another advantage of BeautyGravity is its ease of use. You won’t have to do any programming or coding. Just install and activate for adding tooltips to each of your Gravity Form fields right away.


BeautyGravity Tooltips Plugin accessibility

  • Hide the text field and show it as a tooltip.
  • Show the description field and also show the tooltip.
  • Show or hide the tooltips when the mouse points over the title of a form field.
  • The tooltips can be shown when a form field is currently targeted by the keyboard, or pointed by the mouse.
  • Showing the help icon after the title of form field.
  • Add underline to the title of a form field.
  • Use your own Custom CSS
  • activate tooltip in title hover mode, icon hover mode

The advantage of adding field descriptions to a tooltip is that your form does not appear huge. The tooltip is hidden, and only visible when a form reader, is interested in viewing details about a particular field. And, what’s more, is that with BeautyGravity you can add all sorts of content, such as images, links, videos, as tooltips.


Some other features

Changeable Tooltip Position

It is also possible to move the tooltip text to right, left, top and bottom of the tooltip icon. If for some reason space is not available in selected position then the tooltip text will get automatically adjust its position.

Beautifully Crafted Themes

We have created a set of beautiful and ready to use themes for tooltips. If you want to set other themes, choose from BeautyGravity various themes from Theme section.

Size of Icons

We have already done the hard work; size of icons is not customizable the text it’s because the chosen text by you will perfectly fit for the field labels and place into the tooltip as good as possible.

5 thoughts on “Tooltips for Gravity Forms”

  1. I am wondering if I could add an image like to illustrate a person’s neck getting measured for a shirt to a tooltip. Not an icon, but an image that would be something like 300px wide by 100px high.

    1. Hey, Thanks for contacting us, You can use image tag like and insert your image in tooltip, use support panel if you need more help.

  2. Carine Laurent Him

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